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Receiving: Access the Piece Details Wizard



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      This is a clone of UIREC-17 to break work on smaller pieces. The scope of this ticket is about to make PO line pieces details modal as wizard with clickable Next/Previous buttons.

      Original Description:
      Purpose: to allow users to clearly identify the pieces they intend to receive and capture detail associated with those pieces that may need to be added to inventory records

      Note: this changes the Receiving items pane and the associated receiving workflow. This modal-wizard replaces the "Item Details Pane"

      I have clicked receive for a purchase order and need to receive some quantity of each Title/POL

      1 Scenario:

      • Given the purchase order lines show as rows in the table
      • And they have a quantity that still needs to be received
      • When looking at the rows in the table
      • Then I see a select box for each row
      • And a select box at the top that allows me to check or uncheck all other select boxes
        see screenshot

      2 Scenario:

      • Given I select at least one select box
      • When I click the "Receive" Button
      • Then I should see the "Piece Details" Wizard
        * And it will display all the pieces of that PO Line(s) that still need to be received
      • And their Item details
        see screenshot

      3 Scenario:

      • Given I see the "Piece Details" Modal
      • When I toggle the checkbox associated with a piece
      • And click next
      • Then It should show me the pieces associated with the next POL
      • And if that is the last POL I am working with
      • Then see UIREC-18

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