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Purchase Order Lines: Update cost information accordion to include additional costs and discount fields



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      Purpose: Users need to ability to encumber costs for a POL that are in addition to the List Unit Price

      Note: This task estimate should include the removal of "Adjustment" fields and accordion

      Scenario 1:
      Given the POL is being edited or created
      And has a format of P/E Mix
      When opening the cost accordion
      Then the user should have List Unit Price (Validation: Can not be negative)
      And List Unit Price Electronic (Validation: Can not be negative)
      And Additional Cost (Validation: Can not be negative)
      And Discount (Can this be Percent or amount?) (Validation: Can not be negative)
      see screenshot

      Scenario 2:
      Given the vendor associated with this PO and POL has an agreement with a "Discount" value
      When opening the cost accordion for the POL
      Then Discount field should be repopulated with that amount
      And the user can edit it if needed

      Scenario 3:
      Given the above mentioned cost fields for a POL are all populated with values
      When calculating the Estimated Price
      Then the system should use this formula (List Unit Price(s) x Quantities Ordered + Additional Cost - Discount = Estimated Price)

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