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Delete holdings confirmation on "Unopen" order ask about item when there isn't one



    • ACQ Sprint 168
    • Thunderjet
    • Poppy (R2 2023)
    • Incomplete/missing requirements


      Purpose: When a user is unopening an order with synchronized receiving workflow all inventory records are deleted. For electronic material a user may have important notes on the Holding that they wish to keep for when the order is opened again.

      User story statement(s):

      As a receiving librarian
      I want to be given the option to delete OR keep the related holdings
      so that I don't loose any of my desired Holdings history when unopening orders


      1. Scenario:
        • Given user unopening an order with receiving workflow of "Synchronized order and receipt quantity" that is related to a Holding(s) record
        • AND create inventory is set to Instance, Holdings (No item record created)
        • AND Holdings does not reference any other items or pieces from other orders
        • When intercepted by confirmation modal
        • Message says: "This order has at least one order line with related Holdings record(s) that do not reference any pieces or items. Holdings with no other related items can be deleted from inventory if desired. How would you like to proceed?"
        • Then user can click the following buttons
          • Cancel
          • Keep Holdings
          • Delete Holdings

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