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Investigate "Approve and Pay" receiving error



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      Standard Bug Write-Up Format
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      ACQ Sprint 124
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      R3 2021


      Overview: In the iris release Pieces are duplicated for one-time orders that do not have "Manually add pieces for receiving" = true when the item is moved before the invoice is approved and paid

      I don't know why anything would happen to pieces when the invoice is approved or paid. Though I am not able to reproduce in bugfest-juniper I believe we should investigate why this happened in Iris.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-iris
      2. Create order
      3. create order line with "Manually add pieces for receiving" = false
      4. With instance connected and quantity 1
      5. AND create inventory = instance, holding, item
      6. Open order
      7. Receive piece
      8. Navigate to instance
      9. Move item connected to piece to a different holding on same instance (create one if needed)
      10. Delete original holding
      11. Create invoice for POL
      12. Approve and pay invoice
      13. Navigate to receiving title for POL

      Expected Results: Nothing has changed. There is still only 1 Piece and it is received status

      Actual Results: There are now 2 pieces, the original is still received but there is a new expected piece with item connected

      Additional Information: see example in Iris

      Dennis Bridges has a video from a library's live environment that is too large to attach here. Contact him to get access to it

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