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Allow user to link an invoice line to a PO line from the invoice view




      Purpose: Allow user to review an invoice created from an imported EDIFACT file, identify any invoice lines that were not linked to PO lines, then search and link those invoice lines to the correct PO lines

      User story statement(s):

      As a librarian who has imported an EDIFACT invoice
      I want to be able to identify invoice lines that were not linked to PO lines and search/link them to the correct PO lines without having to go to the invoice line edit form
      So that all invoice lines are connected to the appropriate PO lines


      1. Scenario:
        • Given an invoice IS NOT in "Approved" or "Paid" status
        • When viewing invoice
        • Then user can see a link icon in the invoice line table for each invoice line under the "POL number" heading
        • AND it is beside the POL number when there is one displayed for that invoice line
      2. Scenario: 
        • Given user is viewing invoice
        • When user clicks a link icon in invoice line table
        • Then POL lookup plugin is displayed
        • AND user can search and click on a POL (Note user CANNOT select more than one POL)
      3. Scenario: 
        • Given the user has selected a new POL in the plugin
        • When POL number is updated
        • Then invoice line details are also updated according to the logic implemented for UINV-193 which takes into account the Invoice "Source"

      NOTE: If a link icon cannot be created then we will use the "POL look up" hyperlink that is shown on the edit screen. We have requested an icon through UX-444 but I'm not sure how long it might take.

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