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Invoice is only approved (not paid) when user clicks "approve and pay"



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      Overview: In Cornell's test environment we have encountered an invoice that only gets approved when user clicks "approve and pay". It is still unclear as to why

      When trying to pay the original invoices throws the following error:

      The second invoice for the same POL throws a different error:

      Steps to Reproduce: (TBD)

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Click this

      Expected Results: Invoice is approved and paid successfully

      Actual Results: Invoice is approved and transactions are created but it does not carry on to the paid status.

      Additional Information: see screenshots. There is now a duplicate invoice for the same order that encountered the same problem.

      NOTE: The order has a fund distribution on it but there is no encumbrance

      Interested parties: ama8crow@gmail.com

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