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Support non-prorated adjustment with included in relation



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      Purpose: Users currently can not create an invoice level adjustment that has a relation to total of "Included in". This means they can't indicate values at the invoice level that have been included in the price. As a result users must add these to each invoice line. Ideally for a tax adjustment like VAT they would be able to report for the invoice as a whole there was something like 19% VAT included in the price. This would show the tax amount as one lump sum that could be communicated out in the Voucher file. Without needing to attribute it to a specific Fund.

      User story statement(s):

      As a invoicing user,
      I want to be able to add tax as a percentage included in the total at the invoice level
      so that I can track what percentage of the value may be refunded to Accounts payable or does not need to be paid


      1. Scenario:
        • Given user is adding adjustment to invoice
        • When select a relation to total
        • Then user can choose "Included in"
        • AND it functions the way it would at the invoice line level:
          • Adjustment does not increase total amount of invoice

      NOTE: fix in scope - When editing invoice line user also can not select "Included in" for relation to total.

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