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Add Extended Info accordion to Invoice View screen



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      Purpose: To add the Extended info accordion on the Invoice view screen (currently can only see them on the Create/Edit screen)

      As a staff person working with invoices
      I want to see the Extended info details when viewing an Invoice
      So that I can review them without going to the Create/Edit screen


      1. Scenario 1
        • Given the Invoice detail view in the 3rd pane of the Invoices app
        • When viewing Invoice details
        • Then include a new accordion for the Extended information
          • Place directly below the Vendor information accordion
          • Accordion label: Extended information
          • Default the accordion to closed
          • Include all the fields shown in that accordion on the Invoice Create/Edit screen, except
            • Do not display the Use set exchange rate checkbox
            • For the exchange rate, display only Current exchange rate or Set exchange rate, whichever applies (the same way it's implemented on order lines) (on order lines, there is not a difference in the view - label is Exchange rate regardless of whether it's the Current or Set one, so Invoice view will match the Order view.

      See attached screenshots of current Create/Edit and View detail screens

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