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Implement "Lock total" create and edit invoice form logic



    • Template:
      Front-end User Story Template
    • Sprint:
      ACQ Sprint 102, ACQ Sprint 103
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      Purpose: Allow user to enter a Total amount for the invoice. Upon approval of the invoice check all invoice and invoice line amounts against the Total. If they do not equal each other do not allow user to Approve invoice.

      User story statement(s):

      As a librarian that has created an EDI connect for receiving invoices
      I want the invoices to be created with the overall Total amount from the EDI file as the source of truth for the invoice
      so that as I add detail like taxes and fees for reporting purposes I know the system is going to make sure I end up with the correct total amount that needs to be paid to the vendor.


      1. Scenario:
        • Given user is creating/editing invoice
        • When "Lock total" filed is checked
        • Then "Manual amount" is active and editable
        • AND displays that total that was input by the user
        • AND "Calculated total" field displays the total value of all invoice lines and adjustments
      2. Scenario:
        • Given user is creating/editing invoice
        • When "Lock total" filed is NOT checked
        • Then "Total amount" is inactive and not editable
        • AND displays the calculated total of the invoice based on it's invoice lines and adjustments
      3. Scenario:
        • Given user is editing invoice
        • When invoice is approved or paid
        • Then "Lock total" and amount are inactive (Cannot be edited)

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