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Add cancel invoice option to action menu



    • Template:
      Front-end User Story Template
    • Sprint:
      ACQ Sprint 121
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      Purpose: Moving the cancel invoice option to the action menu will allow the system to apply the necessary logic and control user access with a specific permission

      User story statement(s):

      As an invoicing manager,
      I want the ability to cancel an invoice
      so that I can clear it from the books when a vendor is not able to deliver


      1. Scenario:
        • Given user has selected an invoice
        • When the invoice is in approved or paid status
        • AND the user has "Invoice: cancel invoice" permission
        • Then user can see "Cancel" option in the action menu
      2. Scenario: 
        • Given user can see "Cancel" option in the action menu
        • When clicking the cancel option
        • Then system displays a confirmation modal
        • With message: "Are you sure you want to cancel this invoice? Any related transactions against funds will be voided."
        • AND user can add a Cancellation note (Should be saved in invoice and display in invoice information if added)
        • AND user must click Submit button to continue
      3. Scenario: 
        • Given user has confirmed cancellation of invoice
        • When confirmation modal is dismissed
        • Then user returns to invoice view pane
        • AND invoice status has transitioned to "Canceled"
        • AND cancellation note displays on invoice in "Invoice information" accordion
      4. Scenario (split to UIF-316):
        • Given user has confirmed cancellation of invoice
        • When user navigates to related fund transactions view
        • Then user can see that pending payments or payments for that invoice are Voided
        • AND the transaction has been reversed

      NOTE: Once an invoice is canceled users should not be able to Open, approve or pay them again.

      Also Voucher should also be given a status of "Canceled" when an invoice is canceled.

      Will need to add a Flag to transactions for "invoiceCancelled" (Done)

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