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Add DELETE action for individual MARC Authority records



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      Purpose: Allow a user to delete a MARC Authority record (plus the related Inventory-Storage authority record)

      User story statement(s):
      As a user working with authority records
      I want the ability to delete authority records from FOLIO
      so that I can remove records that are no longer needed


      • View MARC authority record displays an Actions menu IF the user has Delete MARC authority permission assigned.
      • Actions menu displays these options
        • Edit
        • Delete
      • If the user clicks Delete then display a modal with this message (see below modal screenshot):  
        • If the user clicks Cancel THEN do not delete record, close the modal, and return to the three pane view
        • If the user clicks Delete THEN close the modal, delete record, and third pane should not display only two pane view.
      • Toast notification: 
        • If successful > then show a successful toast notification message > MARC authority record <<1XX value>> has been deleted. 
        • If not successful due to system failure> then show a failed toast notification message > Unable to delete MARC authority record <<1XX value>>. Please try again. 
        • If there is a delay in processing the delete request then show the following toast notification message > Deleting MARC authority record <<1XX value>> is in progress and will be completed shortly.
          • Once the request is complete then show Successful toast notification OR Failed toast notification message. 

      Delete confirmation modal screenshot

      Dev notes 
      Use this endpoint to delete: https://s3.amazonaws.com/foliodocs/api/mod-quick-marc/s/records-editor-async.html#operation/deleteRecordByExternalId
      It will delete both MARC and Inventory-Storage records

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