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      As a cataloger
      I want access to the authority records returned when I search
      So I can review updated information and make edits.

      Mockup (double check)


      Column headings

      Column headings Display Additional details
      Authorized/Reference Display one of the following values: Authorized, Auth/Ref, Reference Authorized will display if the result only appears in a 1XX MARC tag. Auth/Ref will display if the result appears in both a 1XX and 5XX MARC tag. Reference will display if the result appears in a 4XX MARC tag only. Mod-search should return this information
      Heading/Reference Display the entire 1XX or 4XX string returned mod-search should return this information.
      Type of heading Display the type of heading based on the search result 1XX or 4XX MARC tag Type of heading logic might be returned by mod-search; may need to confirm with Falcon team. If not, logic is outlined below.

      Type of heading logic

      • If search result = 100 or 400 then display Personal name
      • If search result = 110 or 410 then display Corporate name
      • If search result = 111 or 411 then display Conference name
      • If search result = 151 or 451 then display Geographic name
      • If search result = 131 or 431 then display Uniform title
      • If search result = 150 or 450 then display Topical
      • If search result = 155 or 455 then display Genre
      • If search result does not contain any of the MARC tags listed above then leave blank

      Accessing View - MARC Authority SRS record

      • If Authorized, then link to the 1XX record
      • If Reference, then link to the 1XX that the 4XX is located
      • If Auth/Ref, then link to the 1XX that the 5XX is located
        Verify if Falcon will return the URL OR ID needed to link to the MARC Authority SRS record view


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