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First delete of "MARC Authority" record at environment leads to error



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      Overview: The error message "Unable to delete MARC Authority record. Please try again" displays when user tries to delete "MARC Authority" record first time at environment, but record deletes.
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Snapshot FOLIO environment as User with the following permissions:
        Data import: Can upload files, import, and view logs
        MARC Authority: Delete MARC authority record
        MARC Authority: Edit MARC authority record
        MARC Authority: View MARC authority record
        quickMARC: View, edit MARC authorities record
      2. Navigate to "Data import" app and import the attached ".mrc" file using default job profile: "Default - Create SRS MARC Authority"
      3. Once import is complete, go to "MARC Authority" app and find the imported records.
      4. Open the imported record by clicking on it.
      5. Click on "Actions" >> "Delete" >> Confirm deletion.

      Expected Results: The success toast notification displayed, third pane with deleted record - closed. The deleted record is not displaying at the result list.
      Actual Results: The error toast notification displayed with the following message: "Unable to delete MARC Authority record <<Record_name>>. Please try again".
      Record still opened at the third pane.
      Note: actually, the "MARC Authority" record was deleted. 
      Additional Information: See attached screencast.
      This issue is reproducible only for first delete at environment, the next deletion proceeds as expected.

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