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INN-Reach Circulation Settings: Settings Interface for Managing Patron Type to Circulation Patron (User) for Item Holds



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      For item holds (INN-Reach requests for items FROM the local FOLIO instance to another INN-Reach agency on another local server), a user is required to whom to check out the requested items before they are shipped to the pickup location. INN-Reach circulation rules are based on patron and material type, so all central patron types need to be mapped to an active user of the FOLIO local server with a barcode. When an item is checked out to be shipped, it will be checked out to the local patron that corresponds to the central patron type of the requesting patron.

      User story statement(s):

      As a FOLIO administrator with appropriate permissions, I want to configure a mapping of INN-Reach central patron types to active FOLIO users with barcodes, so that item hold requests from patrons of other local servers can be fulfilled.


      1. Scenario:
        • Given a "FOLIO circulation user for INN-Reach patron type" item under "Circulation mappings" in INN-Reach settings
        • When the user selects the tiem
        • Then a pane with a central server selection menu is presented
      2. Scenario:
        • Given the pane with the central server selection menu
        • When the user selects a configured central server from the menu
        • Then any existing settings configuration is retrieved and a table-style list of central patron types and corresponding local users barcodes (with a "patron lookup" option) is presented (all patron types are required to be mapped) with an (inactive) save button
      3. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario
        • When unable to retrieve the list of central patron types
        • Then block display of the remainder of the settings form and provide a message to user indicating that the central server is currently unavailable (eg. due to a server connection issue or invalid central server configuration)
          • Initial wording: "Unable to retrieve central patron type settings. Please verify the configuration of the selected central server." 
      4. Scenario:
        • Given the list of central patron types and corresponding user barcode fields
        • When the user clicks the "patron lookup" link under a particular barcode field
        • Then a patron lookup modal is presented (see mockups and ui-circ interface)
      5. Scenario:
        • Given the patron lookup modal
        • When the user finds and selects a patron
        • Then the patron's barcode is entered in the corresponding patron barcode field
      6. Scenario:
        • Given a form that is complete (all required fields have been filled)
        • When the last required field is filled
        • Then the "save" button becomes active
      7. Scenario:
        • Given the active "save" button
        • When the user activates the "save" button
        • Then the user barcodes are validated (confirm that there are users for those barcodes) prior to final submission of the mapping form
      8. Scenario:
        • Given scenario 6
        • When one or more patron barcodes fail validation
        • Then the form is not submitted to the backend and validation errors are indicated in the form for correction
      9. Scenario:
        • Given scenario 6
        • When all patron barcodes pass validation
        • Then the form is submitted to the backed to save the configuration and a success toast is presented
      10. Scenario:
        • Given the form is submitted to save the configuration
        • When there is a backend error
        • Then an error toast is presented
      11. Scenario:
        • Given the form has been modified but not saved
        • When the user attempts to navigate away from the form
        • Then a standard "are you sure" dialog is presented

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