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INN-Reach Circulation Settings: Settings Interface to manage Central Item Type to FOLIO Material Type for Patron (or Local) Holds



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      To provide ** an interface to manage the mapping of INN-Reach central item types to FOLIO material types when creating local items to represent items from other libraries that are requested by local patrons.

      User story statement(s):

      As a library INN-Reach administrator, I want to mange the mapping of INN-Reach central item types to FOLIO material types so that local item representations of materials from other INN-Reach libraries may created when request are placed by patrons of the local FOLIO library.


      1. Scenario:
        • Given a user with appropriate permissions
        • When the user selects "Central Item Type" from the Circulation Mappings settings group
        • Then a menu with a list of configured central servers is presented
      2. Scenario: 
        • Given the list of central servers
        • When the user selects a central server
        • Then a list of all central items types for that server (retrieve from the central server via D2IR API) is presented in tabular format (one type per row) with a second column containing a single select of all FOLIO material types from Inventory settings, with a "Save" button at the bottom of the pane (inactive until form is complete). A mapping is required for all central types.
      3. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario
        • When unable to retrieve the list of central item types
        • Then block display of the remainder of the settings form and provide a message to user indicating that the central server is currently unavailable (eg. due to a server connection issue or invalid central server configuration)
          • Initial wording: "Unable to retrieve central item type configuration. Please verify the configuration of the selected central server." 
      4. Scenario:
        • Given the list of central item types
        • When the user has assigned a FOLIO material type for each central item type
        • Then the "Save" button becomes active.
      5. Scenario
        • Given an active "Save" button
        • When the user clicks "Save"
        • The specified mapping configuration is submitted to the server for creation of update
      6. Scenario:
        • Give the form is submitted
        • When the form is accepted by the server and saved
        • Then a "Success" toast is presented to the user
      7. Scenario:
        • Given the form is submitted
        • When the form is not accepted by the server
        • Then an error toast is presented to the user
      8. Scenario:
        • Given a partially-completed or "dirty" form
        • When the user attempts to navigate away from the pane
        • Then an "are you sure" confirmation modal is presented with the usual message and buttons.

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