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INN-Reach Record Contribution Settings: Configure FOLIO Libraries and Shelving Locations to INN-Reach Locations Mapping



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      Provide a settings interface to configure the mapping of FOLIO libraries and shelving locations to INN-Reach compatible location codes and descriptions.

      User story statement(s):

      As a FOLIO system administrator with appropriate permissions, I want to configure record contribution settings for each configured central server. One of these configurations is a mapping of FOLIO shelving locations and libraries to pre-configured INN-Reach compatible location code/description combinations (UIINREACH-16). If a library is mapped its associated shelving locations can be left unmapped and the library's code will be used as the location code for items from those locations.


      1. Scenario:
        • Given the INN-Reach settings record contribution group is present in settings (at least one central server has been configured under the "General" group)
        • When a user with appropriate permissions selects the "FOLIO Locations to INN-Reach Locations Mapping" item
        • Then a pane with a menu to select a configured INN-Reach central server name is presented with an inactive "Save & close" button
      2. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario
        • When the user selects a central server from the list
        • Then another menu to select the location level to map is presented:
          • Libraries
          • Shelving Locations
      3. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario
        • When an existing mapping configuration exists for the selected central server
        • Then that mapping configuration should be retrieved and the configuration form pre-filled based on it
      4. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenarios
        • When the user selects "Libraries" from the menu
        • Then a list of all the configured libraries associated with an INN-Reach agency on the FOLIO server appears in a table-style list with the location code and description in the left column and a menu of INN-Reach location codes in the right column
      5. Scenario
        • Given the libraries list
        • When all listed libraries have an assigned INN-Reach location
        • Then the "Save & close" button becomes active
      6. Scenario:
        • Given Scenario 2
        • When the user selects "Shelving locations" from the menu
        • Then a list of FOLIO libraries (associated with an INN-Reach agency on the FOLIO server) is presented
      7. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario:
        • When the user selects a library
        • Then a list of locations (similar to those previously presented for libraries) is presented for the shelving locations associated with that library
      8. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenarios
        • When no mapping changes have been made for libraries and at least one shelving location mapping is made
        • Then the "save & close" button becomes active
      9. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenarios
        • When the form is "dirty" and the user attempts to navigate away from the current settings pane
        • Then an "are you sure" modal is presented with "keep editing" and "close without saving" buttons
      10. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario
        • When the user chooses "keep editing"
        • Then they are returned to the in-progress form
      11. Scenario:
        • Given scenario 15
        • When the user selects "close without saving"
        • Then the form is not saved and the user navigates to the UI screen to which they are attempting to navigate
      12. Scenario:
        • Given that the "save & close" button is active
        • When the user activates "save & close"
        • Then the UI attempts to save the form
      13. Scenario:
        • Given the previous scenario
        • When the save is successful
        • Then a success toast is presented informing the user that the configuration has been create/updated
      14. Scenario:
        • Given "save & close" has been activated
        • When there are errors saving the form
        • Then an error toast is presented and validation errors are presented to the user at the top of the configuration pane and highlighted when they navigate to relevant sections of the form

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