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Delete instance: check for instance relationships



    • Prokopovych


      Purpose: First story for instance record deletion. I discussed how to phase the work on deletion with marcjohnson and he suggested the first story focus on deletion while checking dependencies within Inventory only. So the stories will be broken down something like this:

      1. Delete instance checking dependencies within Inventory
        1. Check for holdings and items (UIIN-332)
        2. Check for instance relationships (this issue)
        3. Check for preceding/succeeding titles (TBD)
      2. Handle instance deletion when there is an associated PO line item
      3. Handle instance deletion when there is an underlying MARC record
      4. Etc

      User story:
      As a cataloger deleting an instance record
      I want to be warned if the instance is part of an instance relationship
      So I can know how the instance is used and make an informed decisions as to whether the instance should really be deleted


      1. Scenario
        • Given an instance record has instances linked (as parents or children) in the "Instance relationship (analytics and bound-with)" section
        • When deletion is attempted
        • Then a 'Confirm deletion of instance' modal should appear
          • Should look similar to modal shown when deleting holdings or items:
          • Text should read "Instance HRID [*the given Instance HRID*] with resource title [*The given instance title*] has one or more linked instances in the "Instance relationship (analytics and bound-with)" section. Are you sure you want to delete?
          • Options: Cancel, Delete
      2. Scenario
        • Given click on the 'Cancel' button
        • Then the delete action is terminated
        • The cataloger returns to instance record
      3. Scenario
        • Given a 'Delete" button
        • When clicked
        • Then the delete action is performed
        • The instance record is deleted
        • The instance is no longer linked as ...


      1. Other actions, as adding Edit, Duplicate etc. is not in scope of this story - see: STCOM-353.
      2. Following dependencies is to be examined:
      3. Check out app
      4. Request app
      5. Order app
      1. A comprehensive list of all future dependencies is to be defined, and check for these to be implemented when these dependencies exist.
      2. In a later phase, will be implemented for catalogers with special permission to perform deletion - also in cases with associated item records
      3. In a later phase a 'waste basket' will be implemented, for catalogers to regret the performed deletion, and pull the record back into the collection


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