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Filter Instance records by Suppress in discovery: No



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      Purpose: To filter Instance records toggled: Suppress from discovery: No

      User story:
      As a circulation staff or cataloger I want to filter Instance records which have been toggled with: Suppress from discovery: No. Initially we implemented only the Yes checkbox, but this is not sufficient for catalogers, and technical staff doing export of records to the Discovery.


      1. Scenario
        • Log in to FOLIO Snapshot and go to Inventory
        • In the search & filter pane (1st pane) and the toggle is set to Instance segment
        • When click on the caret for Suppress from discovery
        • Then the filter will unfold and have a Yes checkbox and a No checkbox and look like following
      2. Scenario
        • When clicking on Suppress from discovery (No)
        • Then the search will be narrowed down and displays records not being marked as suppressed from discovery
        • Query search: discoverySuppress = "*" not discoverySuppress = "true"

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