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Preceding titles with new enhancements (view)



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      Purpose: The original implementation of preceding titles assumed that all preceding titles would be found in an institutions' inventory. As it turns out, institutions really need the ability to ALSO specify titles that are not in Inventory. The purpose of this story is to rework the current functionality so it supports this use case.


      1. Scenario
        • Given the Title data section of the Instance record (view mode)
        • When displayed
        • Then:
          • The Preceding titles" sub-section should display as shown in the mockups
          • Connected titles should display as hyperlinks to the connected instance record CB: This is working well now, but the links open the record in a new tab/window. I think we want them to just open in the same tab. We can make this a separate follow-on issue.
          • Unconnected titles should display as plain text
          • Ideally there would be no horizontal scroll in this table - let's wrap data, if necessary CB: I think this could wrap better. The title is wrapping well but it seems like the ISBN and ISSN aren't wrapping that well. This can be another follow-on issue.
      2. Scenario
        • Given the there are no preceding titles specified for an instance
        • When the preceding titles table is displayed on the view mode of the instance record
        • Then display an empty row as we do for other table in the Instance such as this one for statistical codes:

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OTQ6h5hR7DN-Ujlb2VILcJNITIsbSQvG

      Other comments: This story replace previous filed stories: UIIN-426 Instance Record. Preceding title. Populate data (detailed view) and UIIN-640 Instance Record. Look up Preceding title (edit mode)

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