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Inventory. Search by Item notes (Item segment)



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      Purpose: The Item notes is notes in the item record. The item notes are different from the notes being added by using the general notes component (post-mvp: UXPROD-1598).This story is about implementation of the ability to search on the Item notes directly from the search box in the First pane, when the Item segment is selected. This story relates to the umbrella story UIIN-112, listing all Search options in Inventory (instance | holdings | item).

      Use case: As a cataloger I want to search for specific item record(s) with a given item note - to find the record, ensure consistency in the wording of notes etc. This is a very typical daily task for a cataloger maintaining item records.


      1. Scenario
        • Go to FOLIO Snapshot, go to the Inventory app, and select the Item segment.
        • Given the Search Box in the first pane
        • When selecting the Instance segment, then following search options are listed in following order:
          • Keyword (title, contributor, identifier)
          • Barcode
          • ISBN
          • ISSN
          • Accession number (item) (NEW)
          • Effective call number (item), keyword (NEW)
          • - Effective call number (item), eye readable (NEW)
          • - Effective call number (item), normalized (NEW)
          • Enumeration, chronology (NEW)
          • Volume (NEW)
          • Copy number (item) (NEW)
          • Item notes
          • Circulation notes (NEW)
          • Item identifier (all) (NEW)
          • - Former item ID (NEW)
          • PO line number Not MVP
          • Item HRID (NEW)
          • Item UUID (NEW)
          • Query search
      2. Scenario
        • When selecting Item notes as search term in the search box
        • and enter a given Item note (which exist), e.g. "Signed by the author" which doesn't exist in FOLIO Snapshot - but when testing the issue, then add it to any given item
        • Then (for MVP) the given result (Instance record, with associated holdings, and item records) is displayed - just like implemented for search on barcode.
      3. Scenario
        • When selecting Item notes as search option in the search box
        • and enter a given Item note (which does not exist in the FOLIO Snapshot environment)
        • Then following error message is shown as a pop up: No results found for Item notes [item note value entered]. Please check your spelling.
      4. Scenario
        • When searching on Item notes
        • Then the search is performed on the Item note data element in the item record {the CGL query language search will be: item.note = "signed by the author"}
      5. Scenario Ignore for now
        • When entering a search
        • Then is
          • alphanumeric (1-9, a-z, special characters, punctuation)
      6. Scenario
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

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