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Holdings call number prefix and suffix not displayed in holdings accordion on Instance detailed record



    • Core: F - Sprint 77
    • Prokopovych


      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Find an instance and scroll down to the Holdings accordion
      2. Using the information displayed in the "heading" of the holdings accordion, find out the the call number and call number suffix for a particular holding

      Expected result:
      Holdings call number prefix, holdings call number and holdings call number suffix are clearly displayed in the "heading" of the holdings accordion, separated by a space (In this case: ta Johansson, as there is no prefix and Johansson is the suffix)

      Actual result:
      Only the value from the holdings call number field is displayed. (In this case: ta)

      I've always assumed this to be part of the "effective call number" development, but couldn't find a specific issue so wanted to make sure that it's not forgotten and that we can keep track of it at Chalmers, since this is a recurring question/complaint from staff.

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