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Item record. Consistent display with a dash in all cases where the element is empty.



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      Overview: Requirement from Chalmers, while it cause confusion if there is inconsistency in the way representing an empty (or non existent, or null) value.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
        • When viewing an item record in detailed view
        • All elements are displayed, with or without data
      2. Scenario
        • When an data element is empty, has no value
        • Then there is set a dash '-' to represent in a consistent manner that there is no data in the element
      3. Scenario
        • When an accordion has only empty data elements - marked with a dash,
        • Then the accordion by default is to be collapsed
        • See comment and screenshot about the Enumeration accordion
      4. Scenario
        • When implementing the use of a dash to indicate an empty field
        • Then make sure to account for accessibility, and a screenreader will read the dash as no value set.
      All data elements in the item record Display in detailed view (missing -)

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