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Clicking request queue link in item record doesn't work when barcode added later



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      Steps to repro:

      1. log into snapshot
      2. Go to inventory and create an item with no barcode
      3. Create a request on that item
      4. Save the request and notice that, instead of the barcode, we display the FOLIO ID as a link to the item record (this was developed per user story which I can't find)
      5. Now edit the item and apply a barcode
      6. From the item record, click the requests link to view the request


      • Should open Requests app showing the requests for that item (the one you created)
      • Ideally there should be something in the search box that you can clear if you want to manipulate the search results. Right now the barcode is populating which is great when there is a barcode but clearly doesn't work when there is no barcode. Do developers have a suggestions as to what we could do here?


      • Opens requests app but the search is done by barcode and there are no matching results

      --------------- Repro steps from CHAL-69 --------------------------------------

      1. Login to Chalmers' FOLIO
      2. Go to Inventory
      3. Go to an item that has status In process
      4. Under Loan and availability, click on the number for requests (=the shortcut to request app)

      Expected Result:
      To get to the accurate request line in the request app.

      Actual Result:
      Message: No results found for [barcode]

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