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Display Shelving order on the item record



    • Prokopovych - Sprint 108, Prokopovych - Sprint 109
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      Purpose: To display the call number sort code ("Shelving order") on the item record. This will be useful primarily for testing and trouble-shooting. OLE had the sort code displaying on the item record and people found it useful, particularly during initial system set up.


      1. Scenario
        • Given the item record
        • When displayed in view and edit mode (No edit option)
        • Then the call number sort code should display in the call number accordion per linked mockup:
          • Label: Shelving order.
          • Read only/calculated (via MODINV-155 and MODINVSTOR-381)
          • Mockup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zgGshyvCwzIpJm3qj4mznYPl3mt_KlZM/view?usp=sharing (CB: Note we have a survey out right now to determine the best accordion ordering on the item record so the ordering of the accordions may still change)
          • Contrary to what is shown in the mockup, what should actually display is the entire string used for sorting, including volume, enumeration, chronology, copy number, and suffix. the full string would then of elements will be: <prefix> <call number> <volume> <enumeration> <chronology> <copy number> <suffix>
      2. Scenario:
        • Here are two examples sorted with suffix at the very end:
          Example 1 Example 2:
          PR123.56 .K2 v.1 c.1
          PR123.56 .K2 v.1 c.1 AudCD
          PR123.56 .K2 v.1 c.2
          PR123.56 .K2 v.3 c.1
          PN2 .B72 v.1 no.1
          PN2 .B72 v.1 no.2 c.1 +
          PN2 .B72 v.1 no.2 c.2
          PN2 .B72 v.1 no.3
          PN2 .B72 v.2 no.1

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