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Instance detailed record. Holdings accordion with item list collapsed as default



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      Prokopovych - Sprint 108, Prokopovych - Sprint 109
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      Purpose: To better accommodate circulation staff's use of Inventory, a restructure of the display of the Instance detailed record, has been decided. To avoid unnecessary scrolling the item list is to be collapsed by default, with a number counter icon to tell how many item records is associated with the given holdings record.

      Later we can improve this change with also having the item list folded, and introduce the small circle icon with a number (=counter) indicating the number of items being associated with the given holdings record. This will be a separate story.


      1. Story
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
        • Go to any given instance record with holdings and item data
        • When viewing the instance record in detailed view
        • Then the holdings accordion with holdings data, and item data, is displayed right after the top navigation element
        • and the item list is collapsed
      2. Story
        • When viewing the item list collapsed
        • Then the number for how many item records being associated with the given holdings record is presented as a small circle icon with a number (=counter) as we know it from e.g. the User record, count of open loans, count of permissions etc.
        • The number is placed to the right of the two buttons: View holdings, and Add holdings
      3. Story
        • When click on the caret down to the right of the accordion
        • Then the list of items is being unfolded
        • And the number icon disappear (identical behavior as we see in the Users detailed record)
      4. Story
        • The 'Add item' button is at the bottom of the list of items
        • The button is displayed to the left, as in the User app, Permissions

      Documentation - see page 3 and 4 in: UIIN-802 and UIIN-803 - Inventory - Rethinking display of holdings and item data in Detailed view - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f628YXuNoCC_2HvehXgWJ4GcwCUc043GCpk2WKS0ptw/edit

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