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Inventory search. Create filter options for Item segment



    • Prokopovych


      Overview: Until the Instance > Holdings > Item search results can be displayed in a hierarchical view - long term solution defined by filipjakobsen (UXPROD-491) then we'll show the search result defined as is (MVP). A short term solution will be to improve the MCL Result list (UXPROD-1634) - which didn't make it for `cap-mvp`.
      Only the filters marked as bold it to be implemented for the MVP.

      This story describes the filter options for Item.

      Usecase: Circulation staff, catalogers and other staff members need the ability to search and filter Instance records associated with holdings and item records by a number of different field values in the Item record. This will help them find exactly what they are looking for and what they should be working with.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to the Inventory app landing page
        • When a user wants to filter within Holdings records (the Holdings record toggle is highlighted) - as defined in UIIN-758
        • Then they should see the following options in the filters area, in this order:
          • Item status – implementation see: UIIN-771
          • Effective location – implementation see: UIIN-199
          • Permanent location – implementation see: UIIN-679
          • Library - Need some further talk with the RA SIG re. requirements
          • Call number type – implementation see: UIIN-1027
          • Material type – implementation see: UIIN-777 *)
          • Loan type, permanent – implementation see: UIIN-780
          • Loan type, temporary – implementation see: UIIN-781
          • Loan date (date range) – implementation see: UIIN-783
          • Item status date (date range) – implementation see: UIIN-787
          • Request status – Implementation see: UIIN-782
          • On the fly records – implementation: UXPROD-1057, UIIN-XXY
          • Suppress from discovery (yes) – implementation see: UIIN-767
          • Mark for delete – implementation see: UIIN-1096
          • Date created (date range) – implementation see: UIIN-785
          • Date updated (date range) – implementation see: UIIN-786
          • Created by – to be implemented later (when we can ensure this to be suppressed from the UI by the European libraries according to GDPR, Employment agreement)
          • Updated by – to be implemented later (when we can ensure this to be suppressed from the UI by the European libraries according to GDPR, Employment agreement)
          • Statistical code – implementation see: UIIN-794
          • Tags – implementatiion see: UXPROD-274, UIIN-309, UIIN-765 **)
        • And all filter accordions should be closed except for the first two mentioned:
          • Item status
          • Effective location
        • And results should be displayed as is for now until we can get this refined (UXPROD-1634, and later UXPROD-491)
      2. Scenario
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

      *) Longterm we'll implement hierarchical display (UXPROD-1632, UX-198)
      **) Filtering by tags is also high priority for Chalmers, but cannot be implemented until assigning tags to item records has been implemented. See separate stories UIIN-309, and UIIN-765 for adding filtering by tags.

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