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Inventory search. Create filter options for Holdings segment



    • Prokopovych


      Overview: Until the Instance > Holdings > Item search results can be displayed in a hierarchical view - long term solution defined by filipjakobsen (UXPROD-491) then we'll show the search result defined as is (MVP). A short term solution will be to improve the MCL Result list (UXPROD-1634) - which didn't make it for `cap-mvp`.
      Only the filters marked as bold is to be implemented by MVP.

      This story describes the filter options for Holdings.

      Usecase: Circulation staff, catalogers and other staff members need the ability to search and filter Instance records associated with holdings records by a number of different field values in the Holdings record. This will help them find exactly what they are looking for and what they should be working with.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to the Inventory app landing page
        • When a user wants to filter within Holdings records (the Holdings record toggle is highlighted) - as defined in UIIN-758
        • Then they should see the following options in the filters area, in this order:
          • Effective location – implementation see: UIIN-199
          • Permanent location – implementation see: UIIN-679
          • Call number type – implementation see: UIIN-1028
          • Holdings type – implementation see: UIIN-1347
          • ILL policy – implementation see: UIIN-1348
          • Digitization policy
          • Retention policy
          • Receipt status
          • Receipt status date
          • Suppress from discovery (yes/no) – implementation see: UIIN-767, UIIN-970
          • Statistical code – implementation see: UIIN-793
          • Mark for delete – implementation see: UIIN-1095
          • Date created (date range) – implementation see: UIIN-789
          • Date updated (date range) – implementation see: UIIN-791
          • Created by – to be implemented later (when we can ensure this to be suppressed from the UI by the European libraries according to GDPR, Employment agreement)
          • Updated by – to be implemented later (when we can ensure this to be suppressed from the UI by the European libraries according to GDPR, Employment agreement)
          • Source – implementation see: UIIN-1810
          • Tags – implementation see: UXPROD-274, UIIN-308, UIIN-764
        • And all filter accordions should be closed except for Effective location (set in the Item record)
        • And results should be displayed as is for now until we can get this refined (UXPROD-1634, and later UXPROD-491)
      2. Scenario
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

      NOTE Filtering by tags is also high priority for Chalmers, but cannot be implemented until assigning tags to holdings records has been implemented. See separate stories UIIN-308, and UIIN-764 for adding filtering by tags.

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