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Display effective call number string at the top of the item record



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      Purpose: We are storing the effective call number components on the item record and we would like to display that information to the user at the top of the page because it's important information.

      We will ALSO be implementing a new Call number accordion on the item record and moving things around a bit to make room for it (see UIIN-860), but this will be the first display of effective call number string on the item record.

      User story:
      As a user who is viewing the item record
      I want to see the effective call number string right at the top of the record
      So that I don't have to hunt and scroll for this important information


      1. Scenario
        • Given the top section of the item record
        • When displayed in view and edit CB: If edit is proving difficult, let me know.
        • Then a new data element should display labeled "Effective call number string" should display to the right of Effective location for item (see UIIN-863):
          • Read only
          • Populated as: "<EffectiveCallNumberPrefix> <EffectiveCallNumber> <EffectiveCallNumberSuffix> <Volume> <Enumeration> <Chronology> <Copy>" CB: Changing this from <EffectiveCopy> to simply <ItemCopy> (from the item record) for now. We have some more work to do before we can calculate and display effective copy number so that will have to wait.
          • String elements are separated by a space
          • If any element is blank, it should be omitted from the string

      Mockup: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LZjHKqoxQkNL4BYh_gOyrsSX1vTU9ZWX

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