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Saving edited item record VERY slow after adding request, checking out, viewing loan etc.



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      I am finding this is actually quite easy to repro. It doesn't require waiting hours or anything as I initially thought. I just tried this in testing (see screencast here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k1Ferv58uJlLZ-AYyw0qHsFtRX_Hbzlq/view?usp=sharing). These are the steps I took:

      1. Go to Inventory
      2. Search ABA
      3. Open an item in ABA
      4. Edit and save - Took 5 seconds for me
      5. Create a request on the item
      6. After request is created, go back to item and edit again - Took 6 seconds
      7. In requests app, use some filters to find the request again and copy the barcode
      8. Check the item out to the requester
      9. From checkout, link over to Loan details record
      10. From loan details, click barcode to get back to item record
      11. Edit the item and save - Took 11 seconds this time (I think)
      12. Search Inventory for Bridget
      13. Open an item in Bridget Jones and edit
      14. Save item - Took 20 seconds this time

      ----------------------------- OLD STEPS ----------------------------------
      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into any environment (repros in Chalmers which is 3.1 but also repros in folio-snapshot)
      2. Go to Inventory and find an item
      3. Edit the item (I added a check in note)
      4. Save the changes
      5. Performance starts out okay at the beginning of the day but over the course of the day, if the tab is left open, it deteriorates. The performance declines for saves in other apps, as well (Requests (UIREQ-324), Users and maybe more)

      Expected: Save should be snappy (not sure the exact SLA)

      Actual: Takes around 18 seconds!! See attached screencast

      Additional info: A hard refresh (ctrl F5 on windows) or opening in new tab/window improves performance significantly


      • I tested this on kriolofs computer and it was much faster, but then we did it again and it had slowed down to about 3 seconds. It seems like the performance on this might get worse the more you use it.
      • I also retried test in a fresh browser window on my machine and it was a lot faster


      • Reproduced on folio-snapshot on cboerema's machine at approximately 10:30 am CET on 2019-08-29. Theo opened developer tools and copied some info which might be helpful in the attached txt file.

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