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Holdings and item segment. Filter by the Holdings permanent location (in addition to effective - UIIN-199)



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      Purpose: The existing Location filter needs to be renamed to Holdings permanent location and we'll refine/change the way to look up locations in the filter. The current list display does not make sense for libraries with hundreds of locations. Holdings permanent location is an element in the Holdings record. The filter for Holdings permanent location is to be displayed in the holdings segment (UIIN-760) and Item segment (UIIN-761).
      Permanent holdings location is one of the collapsed filters in the Filter & Search pane in both the Holdings and the Item segment. The implementation will be quite similar to what will be implemented for the Item effective location, and many other other Inventory filter stories, e.g. UIIN-780, and UIIN-777.

      NOTE: The existing filter Location is to be relabelled to Holdings permanent location. The existing location filter in the Instance segment is to be deprecated here, and then with the new relabel displayed in both Holdings and Item segment.

      Usecase: if an item has been taken out for display in an exhibition, and then the library staff need to get an overview off, what was the original shelving.

      UX mock ups:
      1) ThePermanent location filter will be a collapsed filter in the Holdings segment and Item segment and relabeled "Holdings permanent location". When no search has been entered it looks like this:

      2) When start entering search it will be following display. If a library has many, maybe even 100s of locations, then the list should only display the first 5 location.

      3) The look up will be based on type ahead functionality:

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