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Item record: Notes "Select Type" displays no options when creating item record



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      Overview: While testing for Bug Fest Q3.1 I created an item and added a note (HRID: it00274768). The "Select Type" drop down menu in the Notes section displays no options when I select it. After saving the new item and viewing the item record, no Notes appear in the Notes section. I returned to edit the item and the "Select Type" drop down menu now displays options. After selecting an item type for the note I entered during item creation and saving, the Note now displays in the item record with the correct Note Type.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Login to FOLIO bugfest https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com/ (username: folio, password: folio)
      2. Go to Inventory.
      3. Create an item for a holdings on an Instance.
      4. In item creation in the Notes section, select the "Select Type" drop down menu.
      5. Enter a test note in the text box.
      6. Save the item.
      7. View the item record. No notes will be visible in the Notes section.
      8. Edit the item and navigate to the Notes section.
      9. Select the "Select Type" drop down menu next to the previously created test note.
      10. The "Select Type" menu will now display the note type options. Select a note type.
      11. Save the item record.
      12. View the item record. The note is now visible in the item record.

      Expected Result: I should be able to select a note type when entering a note when creating an item record. The note should be visible after the item is created.

      Actual Result: I am unable to add a note to a record during item creation and must go to edit the record in order to select a note type to enter a note.

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