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Instance Record. Look up Preceding title (edit mode)



    • Core: F - Sprint 73, Core: F - Sprint 74
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      Purpose: A preceding title means: the given instance record continues by this title. In Inventory for a given instance record you can associate the preceding title in the Instance record, the accordion Title data, with the subheading Related titles. The association is done similar to the look up feature implemented e.g. in the Order app (when looking up resource titles in Inventory).

      Use case: As a cataloger I want to link my instance record, with the instance record of the preceding title. This is a very typical situation for e.g. journals, and I want to do it by looking up, if the preceding title is in Inventory already.

      If the title exist, then I can link the two records together by using the UUID. If it does not exist in Inventory, then I can enter the data directly.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot go to Inventory
        • Go to a given instance record in edit mode
        • When drill down to the accordion Title data, under the subheading Related titles.
        • Then you see under the Preceding title elements a link for the 'Preceding title look up'
      2. Scenario
        • When you as a cataloger hoves the pointer of the mouse on the 'Preceding title look up' text string
        • Then the color changes from blue text on white back-ground to white text on blue back-ground (similar to the solution in the Check out screen)
      3. Scenario
        • When you click on the link 'Preceding title look up'
        • Then the search modal for Inventory is opening as an overlay
        • and it's possible to search for e.g. A.M.A. journal of diseases of children (1956-1960) which is the preceding title for American journal of diseases of children / AMA (1960-1993)
        • Then the search modal for Inventory will display - see:
      4. Scenario
        • The cataloger can search on any of the segments (Instance, Holdings, Item) on any available search option or filter in Inventory search and sort pane of the modal
        • When the relevant title is found and the cataloger selects the correct title in the Result pane in the look up modal
        • Then the cataloger returns to the Instance record in edit view with the data available from the preceding title and populated in the elements:
          • Preceding title (Display the Resource title as a link)
          • Instance HRID (Display the Instance HRID as a link)
          • ISBN (Display the first mentioned ISBN in the Preceding title record, if the record has multiple ISBN numbers)
          • ISSN (Display the first mentioned ISSN in the Preceding title record, if the record has multiple ISSN numbers)
      5. Scenario
        • The cataloger continue to edit the instance record,
        • When done (s)he click on the button
        • 'Save and update' in upper right corner

      Possible workaround for MVP: Have a second tab open, and do copy and paste of data into the Preceding elements. BUT we can not live without the elements for Preceding titles. We have data, which we need to migrate to the Preceding title element - (UIIN-426)

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