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Settings page. Inventory > Instances > Formats (next step) - Incorporate Format category types



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      Purpose: In Inventory we use the Format code element block; which consist of the Format category type and format terms (called Formats) with codes in parenthesis, both defined as select lists in the Instance record in the accordion Descriptive data. The Format code element block is repeated in the Instance record.

      The Formats name is a list of terms defined in the Term and Code List for RDA Carrier Types: https://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdacarrier.html.
      The current Format list is a flatten list, but here we'll associate the implemented terms with their given category into a hierarchical list. The Format category types are defined in UIIN-635.

      As a cataloger admin, I want to review and manage the list of Formats values.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO snapshot stable, and go to Settings
        • When selecting Inventory > Instances > Formats
        • Then the Formats setting page open (displayed in 3rd pane)
      2. Scenario
        • When the Formats setting page is open,
        • Then the Formats has following predefined values:
          Formats Formats code Format category types Source
          aperture card ha microform rdacarrier
          audio cartridge sg audio rdacarrier
          audio cylinder se audio rdacarrier
          audio disc sd audio rdacarrier
          audio roll sq audio rdacarrier
          audio wire reel sw audio rdacarrier
          audiocassette ss audio rdacarrier
          audiotape reel st audio rdacarrier
          card no unmediated rdacarrier
          computer card ck computer rdacarrier
          computer chip cartridge cb computer rdacarrier
          computer disc cd computer rdacarrier
          computer disc cartridge ce computer rdacarrier
          computer tape cartridge ca computer rdacarrier
          computer tape cassette cf computer rdacarrier
          computer tape reel ch computer rdacarrier
          film cartridge mc projected image rdacarrier
          film cassette mf projected image rdacarrier
          film reel mr projected image rdacarrier
          film roll mo projected image rdacarrier
          filmslip gd projected image rdacarrier
          filmstrip gf projected image rdacarrier
          film strip cartridge gc projected image rdacarrier
          flipchart nn unmediated rdacarrier
          microfiche he microform rdacarrier
          microfiche cassette hf microform rdacarrier
          microfilm cartridge hb microform rdacarrier
          microfilm cassette hc microform rdacarrier
          microfilm reel hb microform rdacarrier
          microfilm roll hj microform rdacarrier
          microfilm slip hh microform rdacarrier
          microopaque hg microform rdacarrier
          microscope slide pp microscopic rdacarrier
          object nr unmediated rdacarrier
          online resource cr computer rdacarrier
          other sz audio rdacarrier
          other cz computer rdacarrier
          other hz microform rdacarrier
          other pz microscopic rdacarrier
          other mz projected image rdacarrier
          other ez stereographic rdacarrier
          other nz unmediated rdacarrier
          other vz video rdacarrier
          overhead transparency gt projected image rdacarrier
          roll na unmediated rdacarrier
          sheet nb unmediated rdacarrier
          slide gs projected image rdacarrier
          sound track reel si audio rdacarrier
          stereograph card eh stereographic rdacarrier
          stereograph disc es streographic rdacarrier
          unspecified zu unspecified rdacarrier
          video cartridge vc video rdacarrier
          videocassette vf video rdacarrier
          videodisc vd video rdacarrier
          videotape reel vr video rdacarrier
          volume nc unmediated rdacarrier
      3. Scenario
        • When click on 'New' button in the top right corner
        • then enter a new Format value, format code, and select the Format category type, which is to be associated with the given Format value and code
        • save the new format value by click on 'Save'
      4. Scenario
        • When viewing the 3rd pane and checking the newly created Format value and code
        • Then
          • the term will be added in the alphabetic order of the existing terms
          • the auto generated source code will be set to 'local', and
          • the time stamp for date created will show - generated by the Metadata component
      5. Scenario
        • When click on 'New' button in the top right corner
        • then enter a new value
        • cancel the edit by click on 'Cancel'
      6. Scenario
        • When click on the 'pen'
        • then it's possible to edit any given Format value and code if the source is 'local'
      7. Scenario
        • When start editing the 'local' value then
        • the action buttons are displayed 'Save' or 'Cancel'
      8. Scenario
        • When edit of a Format value is done
        • Click on 'Save'
        • Last updated: Data from the Metadata component to be updated, if changes are 'Saved'
      9. Scenario
        • When navigation away when in the middle of edit of the value
        • Then the standard modal will show, warning about: There are unsaved changes (e.g. like in the Settings > Material types)
      10. Scenario
        • When click on the trash icon it's possible to delete the Format value, code and format category values
      11. Scenario
        • Go to a given Format value row, which is to be deleted
        • click on 'trash icon'
        • Then the standard modal will show, warning about:
          • Headline: Delete Format
          • Text: The Format [given value] will be deleted.
        • Select buttons: 'Cancel' or 'Delete'
        • The modal will be e.g. like in the Settings > Material Types

      Out of scope for this story will be systematic check against deletion of Formats values with associated instance records.

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