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View source button has a few small bugs



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      EPAM BatchLoader Sprint 19
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      Overview: There's a few small bugs/tweaks needed for the new View source button

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Issue 1
        • Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
        • Go to Data Import and upload a small MARC file
        • Display the log and find a title that loaded successfully
        • Go to the Inventory app and search for that title
        • Select that title
        • Click on the Instance action caret for the title to see the View source button
        • Expected Results: View source should have the MARC bib icon next to it
        • Actual Results: It has the plain document icon next to it
        • still has the plain document icon for now, but we'll deal with it later
      2. Issue 2
        • Stay on that same Instance in Inventory and click the View source record, to open the source record
        • Expected Results: When viewing the source record, the action menu (edit, duplicate, view source) should disappear
        • Actual Results: It still shows - see attached screenshot: Action menu still displayed.PNG
      3. Issue 3
        • On the View source screen, check the wording at the top of the MARC record
        • Expected Results: Per UIIN-590, the text should read: Source: MARC bibliographic record
        • Actual Results: It reads MARC source record - see attached screenshot: Fix wording.PNG
        • Almost - says MARC bibliographic record, but missing the Source: at the beginning; OK for now
      4. Issue 4
        • Go to Inventory and search for Arctic A to Z
        • Check to see if there is a View source option in the Instance action caret (probably not)
        • Search for Bridget
        • Check to see if there is a View source option in the Instance action caret (probably yes)
        • If yes, click the View source option
        • Expected Results: There should not be a View source button, and no source record returned
        • Actual Results: It displays a different source record, plus an error message - see attached: When click View source on Bridget... instance.PNG
        • Will be finalized in UIIN-604 bugfix

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