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Holdings record. New elements. POL number, Order status, Order status date, Price in the Acquisition accordion



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      Purpose: Display order information in the Acquisition accordion:

      As an acquisition librarian, when starting with my search in Inventory, then displaying the POL number with a link to the POL in Orders would be just fine.
      As a resource access staff, doing a search in Inventory, and want to get more detailed information on the given Order, then hot link to the order record, and a few updates about the Order status, and the Order status date is sufficient in the Inventory.


      • Scenario
        • Go to FOLIO Snapshot, go to the Inventory app
        • Go to any given instance record with holdings record
        • When viewing the holdings record, the Acquisition accordion
        • Then following elements are listed as value pairs: Updated fields
          • POL number (Should be a hyperlink to the POL)
          • Order status (Status - reason for closure)
          • POL receipt status
          • Order sent date
          • Date created
          • Order type
          • Price (Total estimated price)
      • Scenario
        • When viewing the POL number
        • Then the POL number is a link back to the Order record
      • Scenario
        • When moving the mouse over the POL number link
        • Then the link gets activated (following usual pattern for links)
      • Scenario
        • When clicking on the POL number link
        • Then the user gets to the given Order line record
      • Scenario
        • When the Order record is being created in the Order app, and a holdings record is to be generated,
        • then the order captures the UUID of any relevant Holdings
      • Scenario
        • Given there is one or more order lines that contain UUID of Holdings
        • When user views Holdings record in inventory
        • Then system retrieves order information from all order lines that contain it's UUID and displays the information in the Acquisitions accordion

      CW: recommend that we suppress in the UI following elements - will to be implemented when doing UXPROD-1607 (long term solution). The list of elements to be reviewed and discussed with MM-SIG and RA-SIG at a later time

          • Acquisition method
          • Order format (formerly labeled as Acquisition format - UIIN-507)
          • Received status
          • Date NEW

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