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Item details retains loan data for closed loan, when previously viewed while loan is open



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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Log in to folio-snapshot-stable as diku_admin
      2. Check out an item to User A in Check Out app
      3. View item details while item is checked out, then close page
      4. Check in the item
      5. Navigate to item record in Inventory

      Expected behavior:
      In the Loan data & availability section of the item record, the Borrower, Loan date, and Due date fields are all blank, because the item is not loaned, and the status for the item has changed to Awaiting pickup, In transit, or Available (depending on whether it was checked in at the request's pickup service point).

      Actual behavior
      Item status has changed, but Borrower, Loan date, and Due date fields are all populated according to loan created in step 2 above. The item status links to the closed loan.

      Notes: Upon refresh, the appropriate data is shown. The likelihood that someone will view the item details page twice in the same session, once when the item is checked out and once when it's not, may be low, but it's confusing that the item status is changing but the other data on the page is not (until refresh).

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