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Item record. When creating/edit an item record, Item damage status selects list populate



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      Overview: When creating and edit of an item record, the item damaged status select lists is to populate. Right now the element is implemented, but does not function/unfold


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
        • Go to any given Instance record, with associated holdings record
        • When click on 'Add item' or open an existing Item record
        • Then when in create/edit mode of the item record, then drill down the Conditions accordion and the 2nd row with Item damaged status elements.
        • The elements are paired values - not repeatable, not required:
          • Item damaged select list
          • 'Description of damage' element - a free text element NEW - out of scope for this story - see: UIIN-593
          • Date field (set by the system)
      2. Scenario
        • When entering data in the Item damaged status element
        • Then following values can be selected
          • Damaged
          • Not Damaged
      3. Scenario
        • When the item damaged status is being set (Damaged/Not Damaged) or
        • Then the date stamp is set/updated automatically by the System

      Discussed with the RA SIG (5/2/2019) - and with Emma Boettcher and Christie Thomas (5/6/2019)

      Ideally the RA SIG would like to implement the more granular approach of being able to select things like "damaged cover" "missing pages" "mold" from a dropdown menu defined by the tenant - which would be a solution like loan type or material type, which are defined as reference tables in the Settings app. This will be a later feature (UIIN-562) - for now we just implement the two values(, and the free text element - UIIN-593) with a date stamp.

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