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Inventory: Inconsistent metadata source in Inventory Instance view and edit



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      Summary: Metadata source in FOLIO Instance's view and edit screens should agree, but they don't

      Steps to reproduce: (2 slightly different, but related bugs)

      Bug 1

      1. Go to the Inventory app
      2. Find an Instance
      3. View the instance details and note the Metadata source, which probably says FOLIO
      4. Edit the Instance
      5. View the Metadata source on the editing screen, which probably says Local

      Expected result: The value for metadata source should be consistent when viewing or editing

      Actual result: It's not

      Other: See attached video

      Bug 2
      Overview: When Instance is linked to a source MARC record, the Metadata source field is populated correctly on the Instance Edit screen, but not on the Instance View screen.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Go to Data Import, and upload a small file of MARC records (fewer than 10)
      3. Go to Inventory and search for the title of one of the records that you just uploaded
      4. View the details of the instance, and note the Metadata source field
      5. Edit the details of the instance, and note the Metadata source field

      Expected Results: Both the View and Edit versions should show MARC as the Metadata source

      Actual Results: The Edit version shows MARC but the View version shows FOLIO

      Additional Information See attached video

      Check with nielserik if any questions about Inventory data elements

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