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Instance Record. Preceding title. Populate data (detailed view)



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      Purpose: This story is paired with UIIN-640 (edit mode). The element's value can be entered directly by the cataloger, or found by using look up in Inventory titles using similar modal as the look up feature in Orders - see UIIN-640.

      Use case: As a cataloger I want to link my instance record, with the instance record, with the title (the instance record) I currently work on, used to have (preceding title). This is a very typical situation for e.g. journals.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot go to Inventory
        • Go to a given instance record with associated data from a record of the preceding title, e.g. American Bar Association journal
        • Then the new elements for the Preceding title is displayed in the Title data accordion, under the subheading Related titles.
        • This subheading is implemented in Edit mode, but is missing in the detailed view
      2. Scenario
        • the text string elements for Preceding title are
          • not required
          • repeatable
          • When multiple Preceding titles, then they are displayed listed, using grey marking to distinct each row
      3. Scenario
        • the Preceding title paired values consist of:
          • Preceding title
          • Instance HRID (for the Preceding title)
          • ISBN (for the Preceding title)
          • ISSN (for the Preceding title)
      4. Scenario
        • When viewing the instance record in detailed view, where the preceding title is being found by look up (UIIN-640) or being entered directly
        • Then the new elements for Preceding title with Instance HRID, ISBN and ISSN is displayed in the Title data accordion, under the subheading Related titles - as shown in the UX mock up
      5. Scenario
        • When the Preceding title data is linked to a record in Inventory by the UUID,
        • then following elements will be clickable links:
          • Preceding title
          • Instance HRID
      6. Scenario
        • When clicking on the links
        • then the preceding title will open in the browser window - for this scenario then ABA journal will be displayed (UUID 69640328-788e-43fc-9c3c-af39e243f3b7)

      We have data, which we need to migrate to both the Preceding and the Succeeding title elements, therefore we can not do without the elements for Preceding titles (UIIN-426) and Succeeding titles (UIIN-639).

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