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Item Record. Check in/check out notes in the Accordion Loan data and availability (detailed view and edit mode)



    • Core: F - Sprint 55
    • Prokopovych


      Overview: Implement check in notes in the Item record in the accordion Loan data and availability, in order to be able to display these notes in the Check In or Check Out screens. For example, if the patron has been manually billed for the book, convey that information to the staff member checking the book in so they can clear the bill before check in.


      1. Story
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot go to Inventory
        • Go to any given instance record with associated holdings and item data
        • When click on the item record, and viewing in the detailed view
        • Then in the Accordion Loan and availability you see:
        • Subheading: Check in and Check out notes
        • With following repeatable elements
          • Note type
          • Note
          • Setting for if the note is a 'Staff only' display note (on the Check in/Check out screen) CW: will write a ui-only story for this
      2. Story
        • Go to the given item record
        • Click on the edit pen in upper right corner
        • When viewing in edit edit mode
        • Subheading: Check in and Check out notes
        • With following repeatable elements
          • Note type
            • Select list:
            • a) Check in note
            • b) Check out note
          • Note - a freetext input box
          • Setting check mark for if this is a 'Staff only' display note

      See: attached UX wireframe

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