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Instance record. Look up Related title (edit mode)



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      Prokopovych - Sprint 129, Prokopovych - Sprint 132
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      Lotus R1 2022


      Purpose: Enhance the functionality in Instance record, accordion Related instances with associating Related instances by using the instance look-up component - similar to what has been implemented for e.g. Instance relationship.

      Use case:

      1. As a cataloger I want to associate related titles to my instance record. A typical example can be, different editions, different material type; e.g. the printed version, of the audio book being cataloged, or the movie on dvd based on a printed book (the novel) etc.
      2. As a cataloger I find the related instances by using the instance look up component which search within Inventory to find, e.g. the audio book version of 'The girl on the train'


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot as user Diku_Admin
        • Go to the Inventory app
        • Go to a given instance record in edit mode, and drill down to the accordion Related instances all at the bottom of the instance record
        • When the cataloger want to associate a related instance,
        • Then you click the Add related instance button
      2. Scenario
        • When the Add related instance button has been clicked
        • Then following displays
        • as shown in the UX mock up
      3. Scenario
        • When associating a related instance title, available in the collection,
        • Then click the "+" icon, and the
        • the Instance look up modal displays (similar as what have been implemented for Instance relationships)
      4. Scenario
        • When the relevant related instance is found and selected in the Result list of the instance look up modal
        • Then the view returns to the Instance record in edit view with following data populated from the selected related instance
          • Title (The Resource title)
          • Instance HRID
          • ISBN (if applicable. If more than one ISBN, then display all, listed by using a ','[space][line break])
          • ISSN (if applicable. If more than one ISSN, then display all, listed by using a ','[space][line break])
          • Format (if applicable).
            • If one more than one format type and format category, then display all, listed by using 'format type'[space][--][space][format][line break])
        • The implementation is quite similar to the work done for the accordion Instance relationship (analytics and bound-with)
        • See UX mock ups:
      5. Scenario
        • Select the type of relation is implemented as a drop down menu with following values:
          • Available in another form
          • Constituent unit
          • Data source
          • Has subseries 
          • Has supplements
          • In
          • Issued with
          • Main series
          • Other edition available
          • Related item
          • Supplement to
          • Translated as
          • Translation
          • The implementation is quite similar to the work done for the accordion Instance relationship (analytics and bound-with) - except the select list is the above listed values
          • See UX mock ups:
      6.  Scenario
        • The cataloger continue to edit the instance record,
        • When done (s)he click the button 'Save and close' 

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