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Status for additional fields as well as changes to, moving of and reformatting of fields.



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      Edit Instance form:

      Where to put analytics relationships (parents/children)? (in Other related instances?)

      Accordion / field Status Comments
      Adminstrative data Create new accordion Done  
      Last update, date & user Done  
      Suppress from discovery Done  
      Staff suppress Done  
      Previously held Done  
      Instance HRID Done  
      Metadata source Done Display read-only? CW: Yes - see: UIIN-204
      Cataloged date Added, but date bug UIIN-297. Also: Move field to next row Moved
      Instance status Added, but 'Cataloguing level' is to be re-named to Instance status as discussed last week.DONE
      Mode of issuance Done  
      Statistical code Design in draft UIIN-302  
      Title data    
      Parent/child instances Move to bottom of form Done
      Contributors Move to “Contributors” accordion Done
      Resource type Move to “Descriptive data” Done
      Format Move to “Descriptive data” Done Has an "Add" button in the wire-frame but it's actually not repeatable ?
      Identifiers Move to “Identifiers” accordion Done  
      Resource title Done, but fix label Done
      Alternative title Not done Is present but needs reference table (alternative title type)
      Index title Done, but cannot make it mandatory just now (breaks tests) Is this supposed to be displayed? To be editable? CW: Index title is the Resource title in a normalized form to be used for browsing and searching (will hopefully solve: UISE-80; the index title is based on the resource title with leading articles removed like In English: 'A', 'An' 'The', in Danish: 'En', 'Et', 'Den', 'Det', etc. For now it's implemented as a string which is edible. Later we'll refine the functionality. E.g. introduce a count of when to begin the normalized title, as done with indicators in MARC Tag field 245, second indicator - Non-filing characters
      Related (preceding/succeeding title) Not done Implementation design pending
      Series statement Done. To be moved here from “Content data” Done  
      Identifiers Create new accordion  
      Move identifiers here from Title data Done    
      Identifiers Done  
      Contributors Create new accordion Done  
      Move contributors here from Title data Done    
      Contributors Done  
      Descriptive data    
      Publication UIIN-317 Guess I'm confused about this one. We already don't use date picker for publication date, and the date is set to YYYY or similar in most places. In reality it's free-text
      Edition Done  
      Physical description Done  
      Resource type (move here from Title data) Done Present, but Some doubts about the wire-frame
      Format (move here from Title data) Present, but category missing UIIN-151 and Some doubts about the wire-frame
      Languages Done  
      Publication frequency Done  
      Publication range Done  
      Content data Remove this accordion, all fields move to other accordions Done  
      Notes Create new accordion Done  
      Notes Done (to be moved here from “Content data”) Done  
      Electronic access Create new accordion Done  
      Electronic access Present, but Relationship reference table to be merged and populated, MODINVSTOR-190
      Subjects Create new accordion Done  
      Subjects Done (to be moved here from “Content data”) Done  
      Classification Create new accordion Done  
      Classifications Done (to be moved here from “Content data”) Done  
      Related instances Create new accordion Done  
      Other related instances To be designed Analytics and bound-with go here? No. Moved to own accordion

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