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Settings page. Inventory > Instances + Holdings + Item > URL relationship (Electronic access)



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      Purpose: In Inventory we use the URL relationship element in the Electronic access accordion in the Instance record, Holdings record and Item record. The URL relationship term is defined as a select list. The MM-SIG has defined a small list of possible values based on the value of the MARC tag field 856 2nd indicator.
      The possible values are:

      • No information provided
      • Resource
      • Version of resource
      • Related resource
      • No display constant generated

      As a cataloger admin, I want to review and manage the list of URL relationship terms. Please note that this element is accessible from all three different records types: Instance, Holdings and Item records.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO snapshot stable, and go to Settings
        • When selecting Inventory > in the menu Instances, Holdings, Item is displayed in the 2nd pane in the bottom of the list.
        • When selecting Instances, Holdings, Item > URL relationship (displayed as a submenu in 2nd pane), /The label is URL relationship, not URL Relationship
          ** Then the Relationship setting page open (displayed in 3rd pane)
          no 4th pane - but later we might have it as a 4 pane layout, when the responsive behavior of Panes/Paneset is implemented - STCOM-274
      2. Scenario
        • When the URL relationship setting page is open,
        • Then the top bar in 3rd pane displays: URL relationship
      3. Scenario
        • The URL relationship has following values The terms are listed in alphabetic order, and not in the order as shown in the UX wireframe, and this scenario - the alphabetic order will be okay for now.
          • No information provided
          • Resource
          • Version of resource
          • Related resource
          • No display constant generated
        • Last updated: Data from the Metadata component
      4. Scenario
        • When click on the 'pen'
        • then it's possible to edit the given value
      5. Scenario
        • When start editing the value then
        • the action buttons are displayed 'Save' or 'Cancel'
      6. Scenario
        • When edit of a value is done
        • Click on 'Save'
      7. Scenario
        • When navigation away when in the middle of edit of the value
        • Then the standard modal will show, warning about: There are unsaved changes (e.g. like in the Settings > Material Types)
      8. Scenario
        • When click on the trash icon it's possible to delete the value
      9. Scenario
        • Go to a given value, which is to be deleted
        • click on 'trash icon'
        • Then the standard modal will show, warning about:
          • Headline: Delete URL relationship
          • Text: The URL relationship [given value] will be deleted.
        • Select buttons: 'Cancel' or 'Delete'
        • The modal will be e.g. like in the Settings > Material Types

      Out of scope for this story will be systematic check against deletion of a URL relationship value with associated instance records - see: UIIN-xxx charlotte will write this story.

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