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Instance Record. Accordion Administrative data. Implement new elements and reorder data - part 2



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      Q4 2018 (part 2):

      Property In detail view In edit form Missing parts (Q4/part 2) Other comments
      HRID Q3 Q3 Many instance records will not have this populated To be mandatory in back-end later (breaking) (MODINVSTOR-173). Needs a sequencer Part 2 (MODINVSTOR-170). Is mandatory in UI. If user enters a non-unique HRID a back-end alert will pop up, a uniqueness test should be performed as the user enters a hrid(Part 2)Done
      Date status updated Q3 NA Empty, to be system set Part 2  
      Catalogued date Q3 Q3 There's some issue with the date displaying one day earlier on opening the form part 2 Actually the issue seems to be the same in ui-users: Create a user, set an expiration date to today, save, verify on details, go back to edit: it shows as the day before in the component.
      Statistical code Part 2 Part 2 Reference data in order to populate, but: Some design of this may be outstanding NOTE: Charlotte will write up new jira: UIIN-302

      Purpose: To re-order and extend the metadata in Inventory Instance record, the accordion Administrative data collected in accordance with the Metadata Management SIG discussions and the GAPS analysis done by the Data Migration Subgroup, which are captured in

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements, column I (Administrative data)
      • Fields where Jira Story UIIN-223 - see: column: B are in scope for this story
      • Elements with a check mark in column C is implemented for alpha, or later updates
      • Create, view, edit and clone mode of the instance record all need to be updated
      • The UI display should look like the attached UX wireframes
      • Metadata elements labels should be as shown in column A "Instance Metadata Elements" column (please pay attention to the label case
      • Form edit controls (and values, where applicable) are specified in the "Input Type" column
      • Repeatable fields are indicated in column G "Repeatable"
      • Required fields are indicated in column H "Required" - include asterisks where noted (these denote that the field is required)
      • Please note, some of these have input controls that will ensure they are populated (when records are created via the UI). Others will require a validation message if left blank but that is out of scope for this story
      • All other columns in the Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements (tab: Instance Metadata for Inventory) spreadsheet can be ignored
      • NEW The element 'Series statement' is placed in Administrative data, but this is to be in the Title data accordion - see closing comment in UIIN-166

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