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      Overview: When a cataloger, with permission to add new contributor types, creates a new local folio term for contributor type, then both the contributor type term and code has to be unique. When trying to add an existing term or an existing code to a new contributor type term, then an error message has to pop up. First when the new term, and it's code both are unique, then the new term can be saved.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Log into http://folio-snapshot-stable.aws.indexdata.com/ as diku_admin
      • Go to settings / Inventory / Instances > Contributor types
      • Click the '+New' button to add a new contributor type
        • a) Enter "Test – test3" (new) as contributor type term and "act" (exist as a marcrelator code) as contributor type code. Please note, that the code already exists in the system.
        • b) Enter "Actor" (exist as a marcrelator term) as contributor term and "tet" (new) as code. Please note, that the term already exists in the system.

      Expected Results:
      a) I get an error message: "The code has to be unique. Please enter a different code."
      b) I get an error message: "The term has to be unique. Please enter a different term."
      The new contributor type can not be saved until both a the term and the code are unique.

      Actual Results:
      Nothing happens. The new resource type can not be saved.

      Additional Information:
      When implementing a look-up feature, then a list of codes can be presented. This is to be solved later. See: UX-207, UX-208.
      This scenario also apply to "resource type" (UIIN-285) and "formats" - separate jira's for these scenarios.

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