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      Based on the attached screen-shot:

      Layout changes:

      • All labels in the details view should be renamed as shown.
      • Except, publication should not be displayed as individual fields but rather as "Publication: <publisher>, <place> (<date>)", with one line per publisher.
      • Ignore the fields Discovery, Staff View, Previous Held (not alpha)
      • Identifiers should be sorted by identifier type and be displayed as one line per identifier type, each line prefixed with the identifier type in front of a list of identifier numbers.
      • Classifications should be displayed like just described for identifiers
      • Subjects should be displayed as one line per subject.
      • Alternative titles should be displayed as one line per title
      • Notes should be displayed as one line per note
      • Add metadata source to the display
      • Add "Date added to FOLIO" to the display (requires new version of mod inventory) – see Scenario 1-3 (below in this description)
      • Don't display the label if a property is empty/not present on the instance.
      • In the header, display the first publisher and publication date (but ignore the identifiers shown in the screen shot)

      Scenarios for implementing the metadata element: Date added to FOLIO:
      1. Scenario blocked on MODINVSTOR-37

      • When in the Inventory app
      • Viewing a given detailed page for an instance record
      • The 'Date added to FOLIO' element is visible

      2. Scenario blocked on MODINVSTOR-37

      • When viewing a given detailed page for an instance record
      • The Date added to FOLIO, populate a system generated date, and timestamp

      3. Scenario blocked on MODINVSTOR-37

      • The Date added to FOLIO element, will be looking like the metadata layout we have designed for Users (see screen dump)
      • For alpha we populate: Open date: [local specific date format] [Locale specific time format], as defined in Settings > Language and Localization

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