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Holdings Record. Accordion Acquisition. Implement new elements and reorder data (long term)



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      Purpose: To add more data elements in the Acquisition accordion which are planned for by the MM-SIG, but not implemented during implementation of UXPROD-1995 (UIIN-807).

      1. Will implement following elements in the accordion Acquisition:
        • Vendor line item identifier
        • Fund name
        • Donor note
        • Donor date updated
        • Donor display note
      1. Move following elements out of Notes (where they don't belong):
        • Acquisition method
        • Order format (rename the Acquisition format element - separate story UIIN-507)
        • Receipt status
        • Receipt status date
      1. UI - edit and view
        • Implement solution in back-end
        • Implement solution in UI

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements, column I (Acquisition)
      • Fields where Jira Story UIIN-237, column B are in scope for this story
      • Elements with a check mark in column C is implemented for alpha, or later updates
      • Create, view, edit and clone mode of the holdings record all need to be updated
      • The UI display should look like the attached UX wireframes
      • Metadata elements labels should be as shown in column A "Holdings Metadata Elements" column (please pay attention to the label case
      • Form edit controls (and values, where applicable) are specified in the "Input Type" column
      • Repeatable fields are indicated in column G "Repeatable"
      • Required fields are indicated in column H "Required" - include asterisks where noted (these denote that the field is required)
      • Please note, some of these have input controls that will ensure they are populated (when records are created via the UI). Others will require a validation message if left blank but that is out of scope for this story
      • All other columns in the Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements (tab: Holdings Metadata for Inventory) spreadsheet can be ignored

      Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements (tab: Holdings Metadata for Inventory) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RCZyXUA5rK47wZqfFPbiRM0xnw8WnMCcmlttT7B3VlI/edit?ts=5b715226#gid=139536469 - see: column: B (UIIN-237), and column I (Acquisition)

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