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Instance Record. Accordion Related instances. Implement new elements (detailed view)



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      Prokopovych - Sprint 129
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      R1 2022
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      Medium < 5 days


      Purpose: Add new elements in Inventory Instance record, the accordion Related instances, in detailed view and edit mode.

      As a cataloger I want to associate related titles to my instance record. A typical example can be, different editions, different material type; e.g. the printed version, of the audio book being cataloged, or the movie on dvd based on a printed book (the novel) etc.

      We have MARC data (776) which is very common data, and we need to be able to migrate these data - see more examples on MARC mapping here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RCZyXUA5rK47wZqfFPbiRM0xnw8WnMCcmlttT7B3VlI/edit#gid=395847026


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot go to Inventory
        • Go to any given Instance record
        • When drill down, all the way to the bottom of the instance detailed record
        • Then a new accordion Related instances is displayed
      2. Scenario
        • When viewing the Related instances accordion
        • Then following data elements are displayed in a row. All elements are repeatable, not required:
          • Title
          • Instance HRID
          • ISBN
          • ISSN
          • Format
      3. Scenario
        • When viewing the data elements (Title, Instance HRID, ISBN, ISSN, Format)
        • Then these are categorized by Relation (defined in the Edit screen) - see UIIN-340
        • This UI implementation is similar to the UI for the accordion Instance relationship
      4. Scenario
        • When data is viewed in the detailed instance record
        • Then following will be displayed:
          • Title (Display the title as a link, via UUID reference. Long titles will be displayed by using multiple lines - see UX mock up)
          • Instance HRID (Display the Instance HRID for the related instance as a link, via UUID reference)
          • ISBN (Display the ISBN from the related title)
          • ISSN (Display the ISSN from the related title)
          • Format (Display the Format type, and Format from the related title).
            • The display will be, e.g.:
              • audio – audio disc
              • audio – other
              • unmediated – card
      5. Scenario
        • When viewing the Instance HRID
        • Then there is a copy icon next to the HRID
      6. Scenario
        • When clicking the copy icon
        • Then the Instance HRID is copied to the HRID
        • And a green success toast will confirm that the HRID is copied to the clipboard
        • with the text: The instance HRID [the given HRID] was successfully copied to the clipboard
        • same behavior as implemented in the Instance relationship accordion


      1. The requirements are collected in accordance with the Metadata Management SIG discussions and the GAPS analysis done by the Data Migration Subgroup.
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