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Spike. Reuse the move modal. Create/edit bound-with item. Actions menu and instance look up modal



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      Overview: Then workflow for either creating or editing a bound-with item starts from the instance that holds the primary item. The Actions menu is displayed in the third pane, and a new action item is introduced. Display of the given action item is controlled by a specific permission.


      1. Story
        • Log into some FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin
        • Go to inventory
        • Search for instance with HRID: *bw * (don't enter the space before the second asterisk)
        • Click the Actions menu in to the rear right in the top of the third pane
        • When viewing the Actions menu, then user with the given permission (UIIN-2003)
        • Will see a new action item
          • below [icon] Move holdings/items to another instance, and
          • [edit icon] Edit bound-with
          • above [icon] Overlay source bibliographic record
      2. Story
        • This new action item has similar behavior re. mouse over, color change etc. as e.g. the Edit instance action
      3. Story
        • Search for instance HRID: *bw *
        • Go to the actions menu, click Edit bound-with
        • Get the instance look up component
        • In the pop up modal then
        • Search for holdings using Call number, eye readable: js 100 (2020)
        • In front of the results a checkbox for each result is added to the very left in the Search result display
      4. Story
        • When viewing the result
        • Then one or more checkboxes can be selected
      5. Story
        • When relevant results has been selected (one or many)
        • Then there are two options
        • A button to the left for: Cancel
        • A bottom to the right for: Save and close
      6. Story
        • When click on Cancel
        • Then the Look up instance modal will close, and the user get back to the given instance record
      7. Story
        • When click on Save and close
        • Then the Look up instance modal will carry over the result, to the dual screen display (see UIIN-XXX), and the Look up instance modal will close

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