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Delete item record with an associated Loan Item status Claimed returned do not throw a warning



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      Overview: Item records with a Loan Item status Claimed returned can be deleted without any warning message. The wanted behavior is defined by the Resource Access SIG.
      (CC: Jana Agne Antje Niemann)

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
      2. Select the item segment, and filter on item status
      3. Select an item with item status Claimed returned
      4. View any of the given item records in detailed view
      5. Go to the Action menu
      6. Select the Delete item action

      Expected result:
      I get a warning message: Item HRID [HRID sequence number] with barcode [item barcode number] has has loan item status Claimed returned and cannot be deleted until the dependency has been cleared. If you want to continue with the deletion of the item record, then the item status must be updated to Available.
      Only a Cancel button is available.

      Actual result:
      I can delete the item record without any warning message about the loan item status Claimed returned.

      Interested parties: Jana Agne Antje Niemann (for discussion with the RA SIG), magdaz (for bulk edit of item records)

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